Our Products

We deal in a variety of Petroleum products such as:

AGO (Diesel, Gas Oil) for all Diesel engine types
SUPER (Gasoline, Petrol, Premium) for all Petrol engine types
RFO (Residual Fuel Oil) for powering boilers and turbines
LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas)
EV Oil also provides the best of Automobile oil in the country with a wide range of Quality German Oil from our partner, International German Additive Technology AG (I.G.A.T.).

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IGAT LUBRICANTS, Established in 2002 I.G.A.T. AG was founded from a number of additive specialists combining the knowledge of developing as well as producing high quality additives for all kind of applications. I.G.A.T. AG is the first German company being able to supply you with a complete program of additives, automotive lubricants, industrial oils and car care products.

I.G.A.T. PLATIN products are designed to meet and surpass the most rigorous international standards, including API, ACEA and a wide range of OEM-specifications for commercial Diesel engines as well as passenger cards.

EV Oil offers a wide range of I.G.A.T. PLATIN products for the following product groups. e.g.

Motor Oils
Gear Oils
Hydraulic Fluids
Compressor Oils
Metalworking Fluids